Felix Heuser with his Gamboy at the music contest in the kreativfabrik
Felix Heuser (pornophonique)


Kai Richter a person who is very open and  Felix Heuser who is a bit less communicative are the two man band pornophonique they call short „the pornos“. I like both of them in their own idiosyncratic way. Front-man is definitely Kai with the guitar. Felix is more or less in the background but this does not make him a less interesting person. He uses a Game Boy and this in a very clever manner regarding it as a fully qualified instrument. The combination of both make a unique sounding musical group. Interesting is the way Kai uses his steel strung acoustic guitar in combination with effect pedals.

I saw them both at the "Wahlparty" of the „Piratenpartei“ in Mainz and in the „kreativfabrik“ in Wiesbaden. Especially in the „kreativfabrik“ there where rows of young women supporting pornophonique. They really rocked the house on each event.

Have a look at [[pornophonique]] in the german Wikipedia and on the commons [[pornophonique]]. Download the CC-licensed music and support them here: pornophonique (on Jamendo). You might also want to check out their website for tour dates, news or contact.

First Aid Kit (Folklore Wiesbaden)
Johanna and Klara Söderberg

First Aid Kit

The band consists of the sisters Klara (* 1993) und Johanna (* 1990) Söderberg who come from Enskede in Sweden. They have voices that would remind people of angles if they knew how they sound like.

[[First Aid Kit]] in the german Wikipedia and on the commons [[First Aid Kit]]. On twitter: FirstAidKitGary.

Stephan Kleinert, Laura Dietrich and

Botany Bay

On the commons [[Botany Bay (band)]]. Homepage

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